DIY Dorkpod Pictures / Images (2)

Here are a few images of the Alpha, Beta and Demo versions of our Pod kits. Please send us your images to post if you make one of these dweeby devices.

Dorkpod in front of Tinkersmiths Makerspace where we developed and manufacture the kits.
Dorkpod in front of Tinkersmiths Makerspace where she was born.
Dorkpod close up in front of Tinkersmiths at IX Art Park.
Dorkpod in front of Glass Building in Charlottesville Virginia
Brian gets some Coffee with the Dorkpod in Charlottesville Virginia.
Dorkpod at the Farmers Market. (Image got squashed).
Dorkpod wiring detail. Aluminum wire guides and joystick brackets.
Dorkpod in Front of Tinkersmiths
Dorkpod Aluminum Parts Made in Charlottesville Virginia

Rival Dork Gang Symbols in the Wild Charlottesville
Rival Dork Gang Symbols South of The Tracks in Charlottesville Virginia.

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