Dorkpod Electric Vehicle assembly day four by Tinkersmiths Makerspace. On this day we did the final cage assembly by fitting the ribs and ceiling rings into gussets.

Assembling the Dorkpod Skeleton in Charlottesville Virginia
Assembling the Dorkpod Skeleton. This entails fitting the ribs into gussets.
Dorkpod Guardrail Ribs Assembly
Dorkpod Guardrail Assembly all Four Ribs in Place.
Dorkpod Guardrail Assembly
Dorkpod Guardrail Assembly Lower Rib in Place.
Dorkpod Guardrail ring Painting Purple
Dorkpod Guardrail ring Painting Purple.
Dorkpod  in Charlottesville Virginia
Top view of Dorkpod floor
Top view of Dorkpod floor, inserting one of the gussets into the pre-cut floor slot.
Dorkpod in Charlottesville Virginia
Three gussets dry fitted into the pre-grooved floor slots.
Gothpod in Charlottesville Virginia
Gothpod floor close up. Colors are yellow, orange and purple.