Kickstarter Campaign production on our first DIY Kit product release is now live!

Our belief is society needs more pathways to commodify creativity. Sure we have endowments for arts or distribution channels for music and words. We desire to develop ways to help those with ideas "make them" while sustaining their livelihood in the process. We hope to have it live before December!

Our Kickstarter will enable you to:

  • Contribute towards sustaining Tinkersmiths Makerspace
  • Order open source plans to make your own
  • Order pre-primed kits
  • Order fully painted kits
  • Purchase our completed demo unit

Dorkpod Kit Kickstarter Rewards
Dorkpod Kit Kickstarter Rewards

Dorkpod Kit Kickstarter Delivery Schedule
Dorkpod Kits Kickstarter Delivery Schedule