The Dorkpod is a silly product by created by the creative people of Tinkersmiths Makerspace. This mobility device is meant as a standup vehicle to scoot around urban areas, trade shows, exhibitions, birthday parties, or a ton of other goofy use cases not yet explored. There are few (any?) vertical electric vehicles in production. We find them useful in certain transportation edge cases. Like having fun when you are on the move.

The dorkod will be open sourced after the initial product launch and all Kickstarter orders are fulfilled. Contributing to our cause on Kickstarter will get you early access to the plans and build tutorials early so you can get rolling soon. This is one of many upcoming products that will financially help Makerspace where all this was born. For uber makers will be be sharing plans along with project tutorials and bill of materials on our github account.

Base kits will start air $500. You paint the plywood parts to suite. Then purchase a used electric wheelchair on Craigslist. We often find them for as low as $250.00. Fully working versions with all new electronics will be available second quarter of 2017. You will be able to custom choose your paint scheme before we assemble and ship it out to you. If we can raise enough money with this project we will custom build our own large format oven and vacuum former for creating panels for fully enclosed units.

If you would like us to custom build something dorky for you contact Brian Williford This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..