CNC Chairs - Flat Pack Chairs

Custom Drink Coasters : Personal or Company Branded Coasters Made

We make custom drink coasters for you or your business.

Custom Ornaments : Personal or Company Branded Ornaments Made

We make custom ornaments for you or your business.

Flat-Pack Desk Kits : Flat Pack Furniture

Our Flat-Pack Desk Kits are affordable, easy to assemble. Though a typical 30" height it picture we will gladly make them smaller for your child or larger if preferred.

These units can be ordered in an A grade birch plywood for a natural or stain finish or a pre-primed B grade plywood you can paint to suit your design aesthetic. We manufacture all components in house.

Flat-Pack Furniture is a favorite of ours. Contact us to have something made for your needs.

Our desks can be purchased online at